What is MoBoo

MoBoo is an intelligent tool that helps busy parents save time by identifying more books that are uniquely suited to the interests and reading skills of their children. MoBoo helps your child advance by suggesting engaging and challenging titles.

Why is MoBoo the best solution?

MoBoo recommends titles based on your child's profile and gradually raises the reading level as reading skills progress. Want to customize books for your child's interest? Choose to prefer or opt-out of specific topics. In addition, see your child's progress.

How does MoBoo work?

Simply enter basic information about your child's likes, dislikes, age, grade and reading level. MoBoo then identifies high-quality books that will fire up your child's imagination, designed to encourage stronger readers. MoBoo also recommends where to find the book - your local library, retail outlet, online, or for free.

Customize Recommendations

Simply enter basic information about your children's likes, dislikes, age, grade, etc. MoBoo then recommends titles and gradually raises the complexity (Reading Level) of titles as their reading skills progress. You can even track your child's progress as their reading skills improve. Prefer your child not read books that cover a specific topic? No problem! Simply opt-out of those topics and MoBoo will not suggest any books in those categories.

Access to Free Books

MoBoo meets busy parents where they are. Providing links to free eBook downloads, your child’s reading success has never been easier.

MoBoo takes your child's reading to the next level - Literally!

We use all our resources to advance your child’s reading capabilities. With 20 years of DEEP-KNOWLEDGE about user choices and the CURATION of wonderful books by thousands of professionals, our goal is to help your child enjoy the reading experience. Using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to sift through 2 MILLION data points and categorization features, MoBoo is able to recommend great titles precisely for your child and provide detailed information about a book to ensure capability. Improving reading skills is just an app away!

Recent research by Common Sense Media indicates that "Only about one-third of fourth grade students are proficient in reading and another one-third scored below basic reading skills." The next world changer will no doubt be an advanced reader.

How it works

1 Register for Your MoBoo Account. It's Free.

Set up your basic account information. Select subjects you want to keep away from your child.

2 Add a Child To Your MoBoo Account

Set up some basic information about your children. Age, Grade, Interests, Reading Levels, etc.

3 Search or Scan MoBoo Books

Scan a book at a book store, library or your home collection using MoBoo mobile app. You can also type in a subject, title or author.

4 Add Books to your Child's Book Shelf

MoBoo gives you the information you need to easily determine if a particular book is a good fit for your child. Add your favorites to your child's shelf so they can read it later.

5 Quarterly Assessments

MoBoo assessment tests help children to know their current reading level. These assessment tests provide a Lexile score making it easy to find the books at the appropriate reading level.

6 Stats

MoBoo shows your child's progress and provides you the ability to measure their reading skills.